What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

I switched to Tom Evans Fundraising because I was disappointed with the profit and quality of product my customers were receiving from the company I was using. Since switching to Tom Evans, we seem to break our profit record every year.  I have been approached by many companies to sell with them, but Tom Evans does such an amazing job…I know I would be disappointed.
– Angela Albrecht, Rockwood South Middle School Band Director

Thank you for helping us with the fundraiser.  It was more successful than the last 3 that we have had.  We will be calling you again to help us in our fundraising needs.
– Linda Peters, Director of Tower Grove Day Care.

I have been with Tom Evans Fundraising for over 15 years.  Tom & his staff are always prompt & courteous.  The Parkway Central Baseball Team has been able to purchase needed items & run a top program due to our fundraising with Tom Evans.
– Mike Sigler, Parkway Central Athletic Director/Baseball Coach

I have used Tom Evans Fundraising for all the fundraising I’ve been involved with for the past 10 years.  Small or large event, they always have great products, ideas & super services.
– Debbie Spencer, Hazelwood West Project Graduation

Tom Evans was the best & easiest fundraiser we’ve ever done.  Every order came individually packed.  We made $3,000 – 50% Profit.  I would recommend them to anyone! “Cheer to Tom Evans”
– Suzy Thompson, Macon HS Cheerleading Coach

We have used Tom Evans for 2 years.  They are very easy to work with.  When you call they are most helpful.
– Dawn Stilwell, Gateway Spirit Elite Cheerleading

Tom Evans & his staff impressed our PTC with the quality of his merchandise.  Before, during and after the sale, Tom proved to be helpful & considerate.  Parents were amazed how smoothly the sale went due to Tom’s attention to detail & great customer service.  We plan to continue doing business with Tom Evans Fundraising and recommend them to others.
– Peggy Barratt, Principal First Baptist Christian Academy

Tom Evans makes my job so much easier.  The people at Tom Evans are the best.  Everything is handled from start to finish.  The products & prizes are great.
– Cheryl Riefenberger, Windsor Fundraising Chairperson

Our Lady of Presentation enjoys working with Tom Evans.  They are courteous & have speedy service.  They are very easy to work with.
– Joan Willey, Fundraising Chairperson

Tom Evans Fundraising is a Fundraising Chairperson’s dream.  Tom and his group just about do all the work.  Great Products & Great Services – Happy Customers.  Thanks for making it so easy.
– Richard Cendekowitsch, Southview School Fundraising Chairperson

The best reason to use Tom Evans Fundraising is because you will make more money with them than anyone else.
– Carolie Owens, Hardin Middle School Fundraising Chairperson

The feature that stands out with Tom Evans, other than the great profit, is the comfort of knowing that one phone call brings immediate response to our needs.
– Sam McCauley, Principal Ames Visual & Performing Arts

You always make my job sooo easy.  Your delivery is always on time.  We made good money in only 3 weeks – we will look great in our new uniforms.
– Pat Bryant, Pattonville Hockey Cheerleaders

I like Tom Evans Fundraising because they are honest, aim-to-please, efficient and a local business. They will go that extra mile to keep you satisfied.
– Nancy King, Pleasant Point Elementary Fundraising Chairperson

Russell Elementary loves Tom Evans Fundraising.  We always make “Big Bucks.” They make our job soo easy.  Great people to work with.  The list could go on!!
– Kathy Housman, Fundraising Chairperson