• Parent letter – We design an all inclusive, creatively designed parent letter just for your organization.  This makes it easy for your sellers and parents to know all the details about your sale.  (information about brochure(s), kick-off, turn-in, delivery dates, and any other information regarding how your profits will be used).   We reproduce it after having your final approval, put it with the brochures and deliver it to you ready to hand out.

  • Tallying of orders – You can fill out our tally sheet and email it to us or mail us the order forms when your sale is complete, we do the rest.

  • Late orders With everyone’s busy schedule it is easy for your sellers to forget that important turn in date.  No problem.  Just fax them to us.  Our skilled packers pack every order.  Each order is scanned to assure accuracy.

  • Packing ordersOrders are packed individually by seller in easy-handle plastic bags – labeled per student.  A computer printout of their sale is attached to their original order form and included in the bag.

  • DeliveryWe ship or deliver your order at the time and date you specify, packed so distribution is a snap!

  • Detailed computer printout – With this ‘book’ you will be able to document all aspects of your sale.   Wow!  All this information at your fingertips!

  • Phone number in every order  If a parent has a question they do NOT call the school, they call us!  Damaged or missing items are taken care of promptly!   Happy parents make your fundraiser a success year after year.  What a breeze for you when our company is willing to go the extra mile to make your sale successful and easy!

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee  At the end of your sale, ship us any unsold products and your school receives credit for any items unsold or undelivered.  You will receive a final statement after all the products have been picked up.

  • All this and your group makes up to 50% profit.


We are committed to give the best service possible, so you can rest assured that your fundraiser will run smoothly and be very profitable for your school.  If you are in the area, drop by and see our facilities anytime.


Your satisfaction is our future!