Pennies to Dollars

Each card has 60 scratch-off spots that reveal monetary denominations between $.05 and $3.00 and raise at least $105 total per card. This is the most hassle-free fundraiser we have ever seen! The actual size of the cards is 8 ½” by 11”.

Your price per card $15 = profit per card of at least $90

Make $90 profit per seller

Make at least 86% Profit

Available Year-round

Order 1 card per seller

15 card minimum order

FREE Shipping in contiguous 48 states

Want a Custom Card???  Send us your school, team, or group picture and we will make a custom card for your group, just $17 per card.
This is SOOOO easy! Get yours NOW!


$ $ $ $ $   You make up to 90% Profit   $ $ $ $ $
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