Meet Our Team

Combined Fundraising Experience of 190+ years!

Tom Evans Sr.

Title: Original Owner

Time with Tom Evans Fundraising: 50 years

About Me: I started the business in 1969 when my 4 kids were playing ball for Hazelwood Khoury League. We started with just candy and have been growing ever since. I now have 9 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren. I still love coming to work every day.

What Tom Sr. Does at Tom Evans Fundraising: Tom Sr. spends most of his time at the office creating marketing ideas to promote our company with mailers, postcards, and more. He also helps out with deliveries during our busy fall season. He actually retired 10 years ago. Perhaps someone should tell him what the word ‘retired’ means.



Tom Evans Jr.

Title: President

Time with Tom Evans Fundraising: 37 years

About Me: I grew up in St. Louis and have lived here my whole life. I’ve been married for 33 years to my wife, Sue. All of my kids work here at Tom Evans Fundraising. So not only do I get to see them every day, I also get to see my dad as well. That makes coming to work fun! My hobbies are sports (I like them all) and cooking.

What Tom Jr. Does at Tom Evans Fundraising: Everything. He’s the president so he’s literally in charge of everything. He handles all the day to day aspects of the business. He puts together the product for our brochures, chooses prizes, does all the ordering, keeps track of sales, and a whole bunch of other stuff that the rest of us probably aren’t even aware of.



Tom Evans III

Title: Vice-President

Time with Tom Evans Fundraising: 20 years

About Me: I have an amazing wife Laura and two awesome daughters.  Annie who is 14 and a freshman at Howell North and Maggie who is 11 and going into 6th grade at Sts. Joachim and Ann.  We also have a crazy dog named Rosie and are currently trying to adopt a rescue pug. We stay very busy with sports and different activities.  I enjoy bike riding, fishing, and relaxing at the house bbqing.

What Tom III Does at Tom Evans Fundraising: Tom III has had many different titles over the years. He started out as a delivery driver but has turned into our lead salesman. He still makes most of our deliveries throughout the year but his efforts are focused much more on sales these days. He’s also next in line to be in charge so whenever we want something that Tom Jr. might say no to, it’s standard procedure to go to Tom III with it first.


Jenna Evans-Hollrah

Title: Sales and Marketing

Time with Tom Evans Fundraising: 15 years

About Me: I’ve been married to my husband Josh for 10 years. I have a 9 year old daughter named Kaycie who comes to the office with me a lot when she’s off school. Outside of work I enjoy reading, volunteering on PTO and 4-H, and working outside. I currently have 20 animals at home (2 dogs, 2 ducks, and 16 chickens).

What Jenna Does at Tom Evans Fundraising: Jenna does 90% of the kick-off assemblies in the fall. She is also in charge of the website, our Facebook page, and designing our brochures. She also wrote all these descriptions and doesn’t really have anything clever to say about herself.


Mackenzie Evans

Title: Warehouse Manager

Time with Tom Evans Fundraising: 7 years

About Me: I graduated from the University of Missouri in 2012 and joined the Tom Evans Fundraising team soon after. I’ve umpired youth baseball for the past 13 years and spend most of my summers at the ball fields. When I’m not in the office or at the fields I enjoy watching sports and spending time with friends, family, and my fiance, Emily.

What Mackenzie Does at Tom Evans Fundraising: Mackenzie is in charge of our warehouse. He does inventory, shipping and receiving, student packing, delivering, and more. A lot of his job involves taking small boxes out of  big boxes and putting them in other boxes which sounds ridiculous but it’s very necessary.


Donna Schoeck

Title: Customer Service

Time with Tom Evans Fundraising: 29 years

About Me: I’m married to Tom (but not a Tom Evans), and have 4 sons, 3 daughters-in-law, 5 beautiful grandchildren, and a dog named Boomer. When I’m not at work I enjoy many activities like bike riding, being outdoors – especially with my family. I am thankful for the blessings that arrive each day.

What Donna Does at Tom Evans Fundraising: Donna is our amazing customer service representative but she does so much more than that. She’s in charge of parent letters, student packing, online orders, shipping, and more! Donna always says “in case I get hit by a bus tomorrow here is everything you need to know about this.” If Donna gets hit by a bus we will be in a mess of trouble without her!


Cindy Akihiro

Title: Office Manager

Time with Tom Evans Fundraising: 6 years

About Me: I’ve been married to my husband Matt for 19. I have 2 children; Haley (17) and Callaway (16). Both are students at Francis Howell High. I spend my free time watching softball and soccer and volunteering at school and at church.

What Cindy Does at Tom Evans Fundraising: Cindy is in charge of accounts payable and receivable, inventory, ordering, payroll, and anything else that gets thrown into her basket by the rest of us. We all try to sneak things into her basket without her noticing so we can avoid “the glare.”


Debbie Lubbert

Title: Student Packer

Time with Tom Evans Fundraising: 26 years

About Me: I am recently retired from the Pattonville School District where I worked for 24 years. I enjoy spending time with my 4 grandchildren, sewing, and lounging in my pool.

What Debbie Does at Tom Evans Fundraising: Debbie started out working in the evening and on the weekends student packing during our busiest time of the season. She has recently started working full time for our busy season (Aug.-Dec.) because, like Tom Sr., Debbie also doesn’t understand the idea of retirement. She is the hardest worker we know!




Title: Office Mascot and Lunch Companion

Time with Tom Evans Fundraising: 2 years

About Me: I am a bulldog from Colorado. Tom Jr. got me when I was just a tiny puppy. I come to the office with him almost every day. Everyone loves to see me (especially the UPS man). When I’m not a working dog at the office I like to take naps, go for walks, and run around like a wild, crazy dog at home.

What Roxy Does at Tom Evans Fundraising: Roxy is in charge of accompanying whoever walks to the mailbox, barking when someone comes in the door, and cleaning up any food that we drop during lunch. Oh… and being adorable.