A Successful Fall Fundraiser Starts in the Spring

Spring time! Time to plan all of the activities for the end of the school year, head to baseball games, schedule vacations, enroll the kids in summer camp, start on yard work and gardening, plan the fall fundraiser for school…

Did I lose you on that last one? Stay with me… fall fundraiser planning should start now. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

If you are a member of PTO this is for you. I know how time consuming it is to be on the PTO because I’ve been part of one for 6 years now. Organizing classroom parties, teacher appreciation lunches and gifts, raising money to provide the classrooms with the things they need but just aren’t in the school’s budget and so much more. You play a vital role in the success of the school. One way to make your job less stressful is proper planning for your fall fundraiser. Here are some steps to planning a successful fall fundraiser:


1)      Plan Early!

Some schools wait until the school year begins to start planning their fundraiser but this will add lots of stress for your PTO. The best time to start planning is before the end of the previous school year.

                  • Decide what direction you want to go with your fundraising campaign
                  • Begin researching different companies
                  • Invite representatives to give a presentation



2)      Ask Questions!

Many fundraising companies offer similar programs but it is the customer service that sets them apart.

                  • How much profit will we make?
                  • When can we expect delivery?
                  • Who do we contact with questions?
                  • What do we do with late orders?


3)      Delegate!

One of the best ways for a fundraiser to run smoothly is to create a fundraising team. This sub-sect of your PTO will allow parents to get involved and alleviate some stress from the PTO board members. The committee will be responsible for researching companies, scheduling meetings, and communicating the details of the sale. It allows parents a way to get involved without taking on too much and getting burnt out.


4)      Communicate!

When parents don’t understand why a fundraiser is happening they are less likely to participate. Make sure you are upfront and honest with parents about how fundraiser money is spent and how much you are looking to raise. And send home lots of communication about when the fundraiser is happening. If parents understand the necessity of fundraising you will have a successful campaign.

These are some great tips on how to make your job as a PTO member less stressful when it involves planning a fundraiser. And they don’t just apply to the fall fundraiser, but all fundraisers. Timing is key! If you would like us to come give a presentation at your next meeting let us know by clicking here.

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