Tom Evans is Mr. Fundraising

50 years of successful fundraising in Missouri and Illinois.

Tom Evans, Mr. Fundraising has helped schools, groups, and organizations raise money since 1969. It all started because a youth baseball organization needed money for uniforms. It has become 3 generations of Evans’ working together to help Missouri and Illinois schools, clubs, and teams reach all of their fundraising goals.
Fundraising for one or for many 
We provide fundraising options for everyone. Schools of 1000 students, sports teams, individual students raising money for camp, and every group in between. From dollar candy bars to 30+ page brochures, we offer the widest variety of fundraising programs in the area. Candy and snacks, wrapping paper, cookie dough, pizza, popcorn, cheese and sausage, trash bags, scratch off cards, and so much more.
Top rate customer service, profits, and products
We’ve been in business for 50 years because we make customer service our top priority. Local, loyal, and lasting relationships with customers is what we’re known for. But in fundraising our customers also want the best profits and we provide that as well. Our Spirit Bars and our fall brochure are both 50% profit money makers along with several other options we offer. And we never sacrifice product quality. Gourmet foods, American made chocolates, wrapping paper that is second to none… high quality products are just as important as high profits.